Look at what I made!

Mini Cupcake Cake pops! Yum Yum!

Yum Yum & so cute!

So for Xmas, my boyfriend Alex got me the CAKE POPS books by BAKERELLA and of course I had to try to bake the adorable recipes inside.

Cake Pops by Bakerella

I saw the mini cupcakes picture on my book and I just fell in love, they are adorable. Click here to see the recipe in Bakerella.com.

Here is a a pic of all the stuff I used, sometimes it is easier to buy something someone has proven to work specially when it comes to melting with the chocolate and candy coating.

For this recipe you will need the following: (Some items have links to show you where I have bought them)

1 Red Velvet Cake (You could always use another type of cake but I love Red Velvet)

1 box of instant CHOCOLATE pudding mix

1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

2 tbsps of sour cream

1 can cream cheese frosting

Nestle Toll House Morsels

CK Candy Coating (purple, you may want to try other colors too)



Vegetable Shortening

Candy Mold


You should cook the cake the night before or earlier in the morning. Leave decorating to the next day or later that afternoon if you made the cake in the morning.

You will first need to make your red velvet cake.

When making the mix:

Follow the directions on the box, except use milk for water.

Make sure to add the box of instant Chocolate pudding mix to the mix.

Add a teaspoon of vanilla extract

Add 2 tbsps of sour cream

TIP: you could add the milk and oil slowly to the mix as well for the pudding mix.

TIP: you could make the cake just as the directions on the back of the box to make it more simple.

Cook your cake and let it cool overnight or for a  few hours before you start decorating.

Crumble your cake with half the can cream of cheese frosting.

Crumble your cake in a large bowl then add half of the can of cream cheese frosting to the bowl and start mixing it all together. As your are mixing try to make a quarter size ball if it does not hold you may add more frosting.

With this red velvet cake recipe, it is pretty moist so you want to make sure you do not add too much frosting as it wont hold the ball together.

TIP: if you follow only the directions in the box, you can go ahead and add the whole can of cream cheese frosting.

Roll into Quarter Size Balls

Cake Pops

You could use a lot of different tools like a mini ice cream scooper or whatever you are comfortable with. I manually roll them and then put them on a tray that has been covered with wax paper.

Freeze cake pops in the freezer for 15 minutes.

or let chill in the refrigerator for several hours.

Melt Nestle’s Toll House Morsels in Microwaves

Follow the directions in the back. If you can not find it, you can always heat up in intervals of 15 secs or 30 secs.

TIP: you could also use chocolate bark.

Take Cake Pops out of freezer and make sure they are chill nor frozen.

Fill candy mold with melted chocolate using a spoon then add Cake Pop.

Fill in a candy mold cavity not all the way to the top but a little more than half, then add a cake pop. Do this one by one, do not fill all candy mold cavities first and then add all the cake pops.

Place candy mold on top of a tray and stick in freezer for 15 mins.

In my freezer it took around 30 mins for the chocolate to set so maybe the morsels I used just take longer.

Melt the purple CK candy coating in intervals of 15 secs.

TIP: you could add vegetable shoring to the candy coating so the mixture you get more is more manageable. Use only half a teaspoons and add more if necessary throughput your whole process.

TIP: you will be melting the chocolate and candy coating over and over again since between decorating times and making sure the chocolate has set the chocolate and candy coating will harden.

Take out mini cupcake from cake mold and hold the bottom of the mini cupcake and dip it in the purple candy coating.

Make sure to cover the whole top and try to cover  just the top of the chocolate coating at the bottom of the cake pop.

Add Sprinkles and an upside down M&M

Wait for the candy coating to harden and Eat it up!!! or store in the refrigerator or kitchen in an airtight container.


Finished Product

Me and My cakePopS!

Me & Cakepop
Cake Pops R HERE!! Oh YEA!

if you don’t cook, then I am sorry this post was not as entertaining but it should be because I actually cooked something and didn’t burn it or the house down! Muahahahahah!

Hope you like!


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