Shows I currently love and you should too!

Pretty Little Liars

Ok so maybe I should not be shouting this to the world especially since I am not a teen, but I can’t help but like it. The storyline is actually entertaining and it keeps me on the edge of my seat because “A” keeps messing with them. The show is pretty much about a group of friends who are currently trying to figure out who is messing with them after a year of their friend, Allison’s disappearance. Its a pretty intense show! Not only do they have to deal with this mysterious person calling themselves “A”, but they have their own issues to deal with. One of them is trying to be miss perfect to please her parents, another has an eating disorder and her mom just stole a bunch of moola from one of her clients, another has an affair with her teacher, and another just recently came out to her parents. Talk about drama, drama, drama.

Being Human

Just watched the first episode and it was interesting. It definitely helps when the main guys are not only hot but a vampire and a werewolf. I did not know this was a remake of a British show, so I hope the writers do not effed it up. This show reminds me of Dead Like Me which is one of my all time favorite shows! I have high hopes for this show, so lets see how the second episode does. The show centers around 3 roommates who just happen to be a vampire, werewolf, and a ghost. Interesting!!!???

Modern Family

Who doesn’t love Modern Family? The show is amazing and its on its third season, so it must be good! This show is hilarious but also very sweet. You are laughing and then crying at the end because well their family is so loving. I just love this show because it reminds me of my family and the silly things we say and do. If you have not seen this show, then you need to watch at least one episode and you will see why everyone loves this show so much. This show is sure to make you laugh.

Stolen Voices, Buried Secrets

New show on the ID channel, where the story of a crime is told in first person by the victim. I watched the first episode and I liked it, because they stress the family involvement in finding justice for their loved ones. I guess I like the fact that the families are interviewed more for this show. Interesting show specially since it is in first person.


LOL! This show is funny! White guy sent to India to manage a call center. This show may be a bit offensive to some but I think its hilarious it does not cross the line to obscene or rude. My favorite is the coworker Gupta, he is so naive reminds me of me and the stupid stuff I say. I recommend it! PS: white guy on show CUTE!


Ok so I like this show so what??!! You know what it is about and yes there is a lot of singing. Its hilarious, I gave it a chance and feel in love with it.

My Cartoon Shows: Family Guy, The Simpsons, The Cleveland Show

Best shows ever! I really thought that the Cleveland show was going to be stupid but man was I wrong. Its HILARIOUS! ok I think I have said “hilarious” in this entry like 30 times, it seems that I am easily entertained and if a show makes me laugh I love it. Well that might be partially true, but some of these shows have been on for years so they have to be good or viewers are getting stupider and turning into me. Make me laugh, I love you! lol Man I am so easily entertained.

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