Have you seen the Rugrats’ Mother’s Day Episode?

Well, I remember watching it when I was younger but I definitely do not remember crying. It was just another Rugrats episode where the babies are trying to find Chuckie a mom, which gets pretty funny when Angelica decides to become his “Angelica Mom.”

This morning, however, I needed something to be playing while I got ready for work so I got netflix going with the Rugrats Mother’s Day episode. Well, it is a sad episode because well Chuckie does not have mom. They never say but it is implied his mother passed away. It just made me so sad and I got a little teary eye, ok maybe a lot, but it was such a sad and cute episode. My favorite part is the ending where Chuckie’s mom reads the poem she wrote for him before she passed away.

I ended up being late to work because I took longer doing my makeup and well I did not want to miss the ending.

So here is a link to the episode, so you can watch it and appreciate your mom a little more today and maybe shed a tear or two.

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