My Rant About Irresponsible & Ungrateful Parents

This all started with my craving for some nutella and banana crepes, but of course, weird things happen to me so a normal HEB trip turned to a nightmare not only for me but for a child.

As Alex and I were walking out, I noticed a child in front of us walking by himself. We figured he is headed to his parent’s car, he looked tall enough to be 10 so no worries. But I just had this feeling. As we were walking towards our car, which was far away from the HEB entrance, we noticed him zig zagging and looking at cars. I knew it! He was lost! I walked towards him and yelled HEY! He turned around and before I even finished asking him if he was lost, he started crying. He started telling me that he was looking at some toys when all of a sudden his parents were gone. He looked around but nothing so he headed outside to find their car. I held unto his hand and reassured him everything was going to be fine and I was going to take him inside so we could find his parents. He told me he was 6, he was so young and too little to be wandering so far away from the toy section in HEB.

As we were getting closer to the HEB entrance, I noticed a lady casually talking to the security cop. They both looked at us, but really no reaction like her waving or walking or running towards us. NOTHING. By the time, I got to the walkway, an older man came up, walking fast, and with anger in his face specially his eyes. “Why did you go outside? What were you thinking?” It was his dad. He starred at his kid in such an angry way, I got scared. So I started telling him, he was scared and – the dad cut me off. He just continued yelling at his kid, then yanked him by the hand and headed to the store. He never once even looked at me and said nothing to me. Not a THANK YOU! or WHAT HAPPENED?!. He said NOTHING.

So here is my rant:

#1 The kid was looking at toys inside HEB, they are in the middle of this huge HEB, which is extremely far away from where I found the kid. Where the hell where the parents????!!! and why was he not stopped by the security cop  or other customers???!! If I had not seen him, where would he had gone, who could he had run into???!!!

#2 I have heard of people losing their kids at grocerie stores all the time, it happens. I was lost at a grocery store one time, maybe I exaggerate, since my mom was only in the next aisle. But those few secs of panic which seemed to be like 30 minutes, my mom and I were going crazy; me because I was like WTF OMG Where is my mom??!! I AM ALL ALONE! WAA and my mom was like WTF OMG My child!!! My own flesh and bone!! If those secs had truly turned into minutes, my mom would have shut the store down, physically would shut every door and not open them until I was found. It has been done before, and will continue to be done as long as children wander which they tend to do. HOWEVER, in this case, the mother (I assume) talked to the security cop, both not really doing anything just looking at me bringing them the child. The dad finally came to us as we got closer, because he got impatient because we were taking too long to get to them, but HEY DoUCHEBAG! Your kid was all the way to where the parking lot ends, we are going to take a little longer to get to you so be patient or move your lazy ass and get your kid. I never even knew they were his parents until the dad started yelling and the mom finally joined them to go back inside. I just found it odd they kept starring at us. I assume that kid was missing for a good 10 -15 minutes. I assume that he was playing with toys and his parents walked to another aisle probably yelling things such as “Come on, kid we are going!”, but the kid didn’t listen. Toys were too cool to leave behind, MUST PLAY. By the time, he turned around his parents were gone. So he panicked, probably looked around the aisles nearby, probably yelled or at least whispered MOM or DAD, but no answer and he for some reason decided to head to the parking lot. NOW, how the hell did you not notice your child, how did he wander so far? He was definitely not walking fast in the parking lot so I am sure he was not walking fast in the store. I assume and I am pretty sure I am right, by the time they noticed he was gone, it was when the kid was already halfway to Timbuktu.

#3 Um where did courtesy go??!! Apparently when you are a parent, it just goes out the window. NO WRONG! I have known many parents in my 25 years and have not once not been thanked for something I helped them with their kids. Neither the mom or the dad said THANK YOU, in fact, they didn’t acknowledge me. Did they think I stole him? Well only a dumb parent would think that or a racist parent who thinks Mexicans are just thieves and are stealing kids now, which I wouldn’t be surprised that is exactly how they felt. The dad did not think to ask what happened? or ask me if he was ok when I found him? NOTHING. Literally NOTHING.


In their defense, I do not have any kids. I have taken care of many kids and worked at numerous camps, but it is different having a kid of your own then just taking care of one for a while. Maybe, they had told the kid to follow them which he did not and so he wandered around the store instead of staying in one place so they were just asking and running around like crazy looking for their child when finally they saw me bringing him in. They probably did not thank me because they were in a panic state, they were stressed. I have never lost a child so I do not know what that feeling is like, but I heard is the worst feeling in the world. But I still want to know? Why was there no urgency and no gratefulness that their child was found??? Where was the closed doors at HEB??? . . . BUT what do I know right?

Why is it that the people who should not have children do and the ones who would die for one can not?

I guess all I am trying to say is that children are a gift and we should be grateful for them, specially as parents of one. But sometimes, it is a bitter reality we must face because today I  do not have a child and I can not even think of having one not until a few more years until I am done with treatment. And the parents from HEB, are blessed with a child of their own…

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