Shows I currently love and you should too!

Pretty Little Liars

So guess who is back???!! Yes Pretty Little Liars is back and its awesome! I know I know I know I am lame but what can I say it’s an interesting story line. There are some things that bother me though, like how do their parents let me them run around like nothing is wrong. Also, in the last episode Aria kissed her teacher in the school parking lot, so yeah isn’t that like illegal??!! Weird. Oh well. I am still going to watch it. I am not missing it tonight.

The Real L Word

So I fell in love with this show when it premiered last year. It was great! Lesbians are awesome! And the last season was great and touching and man was there drama!! I love it! LOL. It’s season 2 time and it’s getting crazier, they are getting a little too comfortable with what they are letting the film crew film but I guess that is just Romie, one of the craziest ones in the show. I like it because it is not boring like the Hills or stupid Real World, but covers different situations. For example, this time around, there is a couple who is trying to have a baby, which is not easy to beginning with but when you are a lesbian you have limited resources. Another girl just recently came out so she is just starting to date, and go out with girls. The others ones right now, just seem to be acting immature and getting drunk and sleeping with girls and cheating on girls, but as much as it’s like a broken record it’s entertaining to me I do not know why. I guess I like being right and getting to say I told you so, even though these girls don’t know me and they already did what I was trying to tell them not to do. Oh well!

Parks and Recreation

OMG! OMG! OMG! I am so glad my sister is back! Not only because I missed her but because she introduced me to Parks and Recreation. I LOVE THIS SHOW! I remember a while back when I saw that Amy Poehler was coming out with her own show, I was like um yeah I do not think it’s going to do good.  MAN I was so wrong, please forgive me Amy Poehler for judging your amazing show! This show is freaking hilarious, I wish there was a real Leslie Knope and I would be her best friend. I am obsessed, so obsessed I watched Season 1 & 2 in two days and I would have done it in less time, but my lupus makes me tired, so I passed out like a baby. I need more spoons HUGO!!! LOL I tried to watch season 3 but only got see a few episodes because I do not have a HULU subscription so yeah I am stuck wondering what happened in Season 3. But it is ok, the dvd is coming out soon and I am sure it will be out on Netflix as well. If you have not seen this show, just give it a try watch one episode and you will fall in love with the series. Also, watch this clip its funny:


SO, lesson Learned: do not judge a show by its writers, give a show a chance.

Hope you enjoyed it!


Paris Trip – Part 2 coming SOON!

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