PARIS Trip 2011 – PART 1

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How I wish I did not have to come back from my quick trip to Paris & Northern Spain! 

I have had a few people ask me how my trip was and well it was AMAZING but then again I think anyone’s vacation from your life is well AMAZING!

My trip took me to Paris first. We ended up landing in Paris around 8:30 AM and we had so much food in the plane it was ridiculous! I definitely recommend if you are thinking of flying to Europe take AIR FRANCE! Everyone is nice, economy class is pretty cool, they feed you so much, you have great movies to watch during your trip, and there are plenty of bathrooms which is always a plus. hehehehehehe. One thing I was a bit blah about, they tend to dictate when you sleep, eat, and wake up. I felt like a baby!

Anyways, our first day in Paris, we were pretty much treated like crap because we were tourists. We went to a cafe and I tried to talk to the hostess in french which she did not understand so I talked to her in Spanish which she understood and sat us down. We were so hungry so we asked for an orange juice and a coke. Then when were ready to order our waiter took our menus so I told him I was hungry and pointed to the breakfast I wanted and told him what we both wanted in french, he then told us there was no more. He brought us our receipt which was for 11 euros!!!!!! For a bottled orange juice and a  coke. I could tell they wanted us to leave so we left! I was so mad! How could we start our vacation in such a crumby way.

As we walked to our hotel, we noticed a cemetery, which is the famous  MONTPARNASSE CEMETERY. It was beautiful and a great first stop. It reminded me of the cemeteries in Mexico. I did not know that there are a lot of famous and influential people buried there including Porforio Diaz, a past Mexican President. After this our day started looking up! We went to an American Influenced restaurant and they were very nice to use. We got our hotel room and then we took a nap lol!

That night we visited the Eiffel Tower, so we could see the lights! The metro ride amazed me, I was so amazed by the simplicity and convenience of just getting in this cute little metro. I love it, my favorite thing in Paris!!!! lol The simplicities in our lives are the things that I love the most.

The Eiffel Tower was beautiful and it looks brand new. It looks as if it was put there a year ago, so shiny and bright. I also got to eat a crepe so I love the whole Eiffel Tower at night with crepe and nutella in hand yum yum! That’s right I associate good memories with food. so what??!! lol

The metro ride back was great and french woman are amazing. I saw a few come in and out the metro wearing heels and skirts and they were not holding on to anything, they had amazing balance. I was wearing tennis shoes and I had to sit down and if I stood in the metro Alex had to take a hold of me to make sure I did not fall.

The next day, we headed to Notre Dame. Talk about tourist overload!! They were everywhere! There was a bread festival and everyone and their granny was there. Notre Dame was of course heavenly, crowded, but peaceful. I wish I could get married there or at least have a day to enjoy it because it sucks being rushed and also seeing people who have no respect for a church. There was a man in there with his cellphone!!!!!!!! Anyways, Notre Dame was beautiful and it was so tall and the detail in the architecture, I could never describe it and do it justice. I wish churches were still built like the Notre Dame.

After our visit to Notre Dame, we walked around the area and went to eat at Laduree, food was way overpriced and it was extremely small portions. But the strawberry tarte was out of this world. French Pastries are OMG OMG OMG!!! I wish I could stay there and just eat all different types of pastries. Food FOOd FOod! hehehehehe.

Conclusion of Paris on my first day and a half, the metro is the sh%t! The pastries are to die for! Tourists are everywhere 😦 I want to get married at Notre Dame, some french cafes suck, french food is small, french cemeteries look like Mexican cemeteries, the metro is awesome 😀

Catch my photovideo on facebook ;D

Hope you enjoyed!! Cheese!

One thought on “Paris Trip 2011 – Part 1

  1. This was perfect! Wonderful video! This is such a great way of sharing your trip with everyone! Look forward to more.
    & geeze Louise, when will France ever lighten up with the Americans? 😉

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