Gomez Family Disneyworld Vacation 2014

Disney World Family Vacation 2014

This past May, my family and I went to Disney World and it was amazing! I made a little video of our vacation.

I have to say it was a little bit scary knowing we were going to Disney World, because I have Lupus and my dad is just recovering from kidney cancer & chemo. However, the parks were accommodating and we went at a time the parks are not so full. If you are interested in traveling to Disney World with Lupus, chronic illness,or any disability please let me know and I will write a new post of the things we did to helps us out during our trip.

Hope you enjoy the video!


3 thoughts on “Gomez Family Disneyworld Vacation 2014

  1. I would love to hear your tips. My husband just got diagnosed with Lupus and we are going to WDW in December. This will be our 6th trip but with his diagnosis I dont want him to over do it.

    • Hey Brandy!

      I would love to give you some tips to help you out a little bit more during your December Trip. If you don’t mind emailing me at helloallyg@gmail.com I could email you back with those tips. There are a few tips I do not want to publicly write about here because some people fake illness to get these perks and I do not want to encourage that! Hope all is well with your family!

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