“Have you never seen a unicorn float on a bubble?”

That’s what my little cousin asked me and later on that night it got me thinking of all the things I have experience, a lot of things I never thought could happen, a lot of things I never dreamt could happen.

This year has been the greatest and hardest year. It has been the hardest year because I got to “celebrate” my first year anniversary of my Lupus diagnosis. I did not really celebrate but made a mental note that I made it!!! I made it a whole year with Lupus and I am good. This year was hard though because this was the year that it finally sunk in, I have Lupus, a life changing experience. I’ve had to learn to take it easy and I’ve had to accept that there are things I might not be able to do.

I’ve had my good days and my bad days and sometimes the rollercoaster gets to me, but every day I learnt something new about myself and I surprise myself with what I can do. I have a new perspective on life and I feel as if I was given some knowledge I did not have before. Now every experience I have feels different, little things have become huge things, and every little thing matters.

This year also granted me travels to some amazing places and the chance to meet some amazing people and the chance to see old friends and family. I was able to see the Eiffel tower and eat some amazing creeps and strawberry tartes in France. I was able to see my godmother and godfather in Spain and eat some amazing Spanish food and an amazing homemade apple pie. Jazmin visited me to take care of me after my gall bladder removal and I gotta say having your bestie there when you are feeling down is the best feeling ever. I felt blessed having her there. One of our cousins came down and our family friends the Langleys also came. And finally, now I am in California meeting Alex’s sister and brother and their families.

This year I have gone through a lot including a lot of pain, not only physically but emotionally; but I was constantly amazed with the sympathy and love from all my friends and family. God has been great at surprising me and at showing me that although times are tough, there is too much beauty in this world to dwell in the pain. This year, the people I am most grateful to is my family and Alex, without their support, I could not be doing this well.

So have I seen a unicorn float on a bubble? Unfortunately, No. But I have seen the goodness in people and the beauty that we all tend to miss. I have seen myself fall to be picked up again and I have seen the goodness of our God. I hope 2011 was good to you and that you not only lived but learned. Happy New Year!!! love you guys!!!!
Ally 😀


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