Look at what I made!!!

Chocolately Marshmallow Dreams in a Jar! Yum Yum!

Chocolately Marshmallow Dreams YUM YUM!!!

So while making a list of Mexican candy I LOVE, I stumbled upon a BUBULUBU cake and I was like OMG! I WANT THAT, apparently all the bakeries in Mexico make them so I was able to get the key ingredients and put my own spin on it.

Here are a few pics of some of the stuff I used:

Marshmallow Creme!!!  

For this recipe you will need the following:

1 Chocolate Cake (try to use a recipe/cake mix that makes a moist cake) gosh I hate that word. . . moist ewww but w.e.

1 Yellow Cake (try to use a recipe/cake mix that makes a moist cake)

Strawberry jelly

3 to 4 Bubulubu candy bars

Marshmallow creme frosting (click here for marshmallow creme frosting recipe)

Chocolate Fudge



You should cook the cakes the night before or earlier in the morning. Leave decorating to the next day or later that afternoon if you made the cake in the morning.

You will first need to make your cakes. Then crumble them!! 😉

Cook your cake and let it cool overnight or for a few hours before you start crumbling.

Fill the jars with cake crumbs, jelly, fudge, marshmallow creme frosting and bubulubu pieces.

I suggest, you add chocolate cake crumbs first, follow by one of the liquid ingredients, then yellow cake crumbs and finish off with the fudge and some chocolate & yellow cake crumbs mixed.

Since this was my first try, I made a few mistakes but they still came out alright. Here are pics of how I got to the final product:

First layer - Chocolate CakeSecond Layer - Marshmallow FrostingFourth Layer - Bubulubu PiecesFifth Layer - Chocolate & Yellow Cake Crumbs MixedFinished Cake Jar - 1st one

Final Good Chocolately Marshmallow Dreams in a Jar

Ta-DA, you are done! This last cake jar looked better than the first!

Mistakes I made, learn from them!

I used Melted Chocolate Chips in my jars. BAD IDEA!!  The chocolate got hard so now people are going to have trouble eating it because they are going to have to crack the chocolate shell to get to the chocolately and marshmallow goodness. 😦 SORRY! This is why you should use chocolate fudge or chocolate pudding.

I added too much marshmallow creme to some of the jars, DO NOT go MARSHMALLOW CREME CRAZY. I love marshmallow creme but it is extremely sweet so if you add to much it will overpower the whole taste of this cake and will run it.

Overall: Chocolately Marshallow Dreams in a Jar is an awesome cake jar!!!

I loved them! Except I will definitely use fudge next time. I like how cute they look and they remind me of bubulubu candy bars. And I like the name I gave them, because it really is a chocolately marshmallow dream in a jar 😀 I know I am so cheesy!!!

Me and My Chocolately Marshmallow Dreams in a Jar!


Hope you like!


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