Creepy little Girls


Come play with us, Dany!!

AAAAAAhhh dont do it Dany! Lol

So October is here and this is the month I get lucky and get to catch some amazing scary movies on TV.

Today, I got the Shining!

I have not read the book but I have heard great things from both the book and movie.

The first time I watched this movie, I fell in love with Jack Nicholson, he is just such a great actor and this movie is him. He carries the movie because that woman who plays his wife sucks in my opinion. She just looks so dumb. The kid is better than her and he talks to his finger.

So have you seen the movie?

If you have than I am pretty sure you are completely confused by some of the scenes in the movie, so I have googled them to figure out what the heck was that about?!!!

ROOM 237

The bad “haunted” room, where Dany gets attacked by a woman and Jack Nicholson’s character gets a make-out session with that lady who turns from a hot naked chick to an old, slimy, decaying woman. EWWW. So who is she?

In the book, she is Mrs. Massey, a married woman who has joined her younger lover at the hotel but is later ditched by him. This causes her to overdose on sleeping pills. Her death is later ruled as  a heart attack to cover up the incident.

Now when I saw the movie, room 237 and that scene between Nicholson and the old hag is amazing! Why?!! because it catches you off guard and that scene is one of the scenes you always remember.

Some people see this scene as more metaphorically, portraying Nicholson’s acceptance of the evil in the hotel. . . hmmmm. . .nice. I agree.

Here is a link to the theories:

Guy in Suit & Guy in Dog Costume

OMG! This scene is just weird because it looks like the Dog is doing something dirty to that man. And yes apparently he is, it is what you think it is.

So who are they?

Howard Hughes, the man in the suit, is an old owner of the hotel who was bisexual and who was having an affair with Roger, the man in the dog suit. Apparently, at a party that Hughes hosted, he had joked that if Roger “came to the masked ball as a doggy, a cute little doggy, he might reconsider” having sex with Roger. And so Roger dressed as a Dog.

In the book, nothing is ever said if something did or did not happen but in the movie they put that scene in to once again catch you of guard and show that this hotel is messed up.

Photograph in the end of the movie

Now my theory is that once Nicholson dies he becomes part of the hotel, he gets somewhat “sucked” into its history. But some others  believe that reincarnation explains Nicholson’s presence in that old picture, stating that he was an old guest and also that the old care taker who killed his 2 daughters and wife used to be a butler and was reincarnated as a care taker. It seems past guests and hotel personnel keep coming back to meet a dreadful fate.

Overall, I love this film.

Specially the REDRUM and the killing of the chef. In the book, he does not die. I really thought the chef was going to survive, after all he does have psychic powers. And finally the scariest thing were the little girls.

No little girl I do not wanna play with you. Not only are they creepy looking, the way they talk and the way the flash back from their dead bodies to them standing next to each other …. AAAAH! CREEPY! This is proof that kids are pretty scary.

So if this October you are looking for a scary movie to watch skip the movie theater (its expensive anyways) and rent, buy, or borrow the Shining. I am not really sure when they are going to play it on TV again but they are bound to play this movie again as we get closer to Halloween.

Thanks for reading!

21 more days until Halloween! Hope you got your costume . . . still trying to decide on mine.

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